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UMG Users can contact the

US +1 818 286 6200

UK +44 207 660 6000


Users outside UMG can contact MSI Tech Support


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Installing StudioCDN on WINDOWS

Installing StudioCDN on MAC OS X

User receives Amazon SES Address Verification Request



Issues Receiving a StudioCDN Package


Multiple File Downloader for Chrome (Mac and Windows)

"Package Content Is Not Available", user can't download

User can stream but not download audio or video

Download All: Missing Plug In Error

Download All: Message "Do you want to run this application?" appears

Download All: Download Java Errors with Safari on Mac OS X

Recipient gets HTTP Status 500 error in browser



Issues with the StudioCDN Client and Portal


Send Button Does Not Go Green

"" error when trying to send

Mac OS X HTTP/1.1 401 Authorization Required

Client hangs after Send is pressed