ISSUE: Download All Java Errors with Safari

User is downloading files using the Download All Java applet and some files have errors and don't download:




SOLUTION: Allow StudioCDN to run in Unsafe Mode

UPDATE: If your default web browser is Google Chrome (on both Mac and Windows) you don't need Java, you can install the free Multiple File Downloader

This is an error seen on users using Safari web browser on Mac OS X.

With the recent spate of Java security concerns Apple decided to introduce a new feature in Safari where the user has to authorise Java applets to be able to write to the file system.  Apple rather sensationally calls it "unsafe" mode.

For this reason we recommend you use Firefox as your default browser on Mac OS X.  (Java is not compatible with Google Chrome on Mac OS X.)




Please click the link in the email notification you have been sent to open the StudioCDN web page.



Click on the Download All button.



The Java applet will start and you will be asked to Run the applet.  Please click Run and you will see a list of the files:



Navigate to Safari (top right of your desktop) and then Preferences.



Navigate to Security (tab) and click on the Manage Website Settings button.



In the left side select Java, in the right click on the line that ends "", click the options box and select "Run in Unsafe Mode".  This means you are enabling an applet from StudioCDN to copy files onto your local computer.

Then click on Done.



A popup will ask you to Trust the applet, telling you that it can access your file system.  Click on Trust.



We suggest you close the StudioCDN page and click on the page to start it again. You can now download files successfully.


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