StudioCDN Mac Installation

This page shows you how to install StudioCDN on your Mac OS X computer.


The following requirements must be met for StudioCDN to work on a Mac:



Mac must be running OS X 10.7 (Snow Leopard) or above.


Machine must be bound to UMG Active Directory and user logging in with their UMG AD user account (the one used to access Outlook).  Further information on this is available on the Mac Authentication page.



Some users may find watching the following Video easier to follow




Download the Installation File.  Please download by clicking on the icon:


Uninstall any previous version.  Open Applications and see if you have a previous version of StudioCDN installed. If you do first drag any icons from the Dock onto Trash to remove them.  Then drag the application from Application onto Trash to uninstall.


Double click the Installation File to Start  Click on Downloads on the Dock and select the StudioCDN-3- file (which is probably the first file in the list).  The Installer will open:



Drag the StudioCDN icon over Applications.  Drag the StudioCDN icon and drop onto Applications to install.  Please wait for the installation to run.  The Application icon on your dock will jump up and down when complete.


Drag the Portal icon over Applications  Repeat with the StudioCDN Portal.url icon.  This will install instantly.


Close the Installer.  You can now close the installer.


Optional: drag the StudioCDN icon to your Dock  For easier frequent access open Applications and drag the StudioCDN icon onto your Dock.



Optional: drag the StudioCDN Portal icon to your Dock.  For easier daily access open Applications and drag the StudioCDN Portal icon onto the right side of your Dock.  Hold the icon underneath the others so they move apart and make a space for you to drop it.  This icon cannot be placed in the normal Dock area.



Trash temporary installation files. There will be a temporary StudioCDN installation file on your desktop. You can drag this to Trash to tidy up.


Accept Web warning. When you first run the client you will see a warning that the application was downloaded from the Web.  Please accept this to continue.


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