ISSUE: Package Content Is Not Available

User opens the StudioCDN link in their email to access the web page.  However they see the following "Package content is not available" message and so cannot access files:




EXPLANATION: Node Locking security feature

StudioCDN introduces a new security feature to ensure that only the intended recipient can open the package and access the files you send them.  This is a locking feature which activates when you open the web page on any device (desktop, phone or tablet).

Simply click the link and let your default browser open.  You will then be able open the link any number of times again over the next 5 days to access the files or play media.

If you try and open with a different browser or on a different device you will see the locked message above.  If you forward the link to others they will see the message.  If this happens you should contact the sender and ask them to send you the content again or to new recipients you think should access the file.


SOLUTION: Do not delete cookies on exit

This feature depends on cookies to work correctly.  If you delete your cookies regularly you will lock all the packages sent to you, even on your default browser.

Some users like to delete their browsing history when they close their browser to feel more private.  If you do this by default IE will also delete all your cookies, which causes this problem.  You can un-tick the option for cookies which will leave them and allows StudioCDN to work correctly.  This will still delete your browsing history if this was your intention.




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