ISSUE: Send Button Does Not Go Green

User adds email recipients and a files to the client but the Send button never changes from grey to green; so they cannot send the package.

SOLUTION 1: Ensure the email recipient is accepted

A common issue is a user manually typing in an email address and not pressing the carriage return icon or Enter key to accept it.  As far as the client is concerned, this means there is no recipient so it will not offer you the Send button to press.

Recipient Not accepted (so no green Send button) -




Recipient accepted -




SOLUTION 2: Ensure there is a message subject and body

This applies to both Mac and Windows.  One of the conditions of sending a StudioCDN is that there is a message subject and body.  The main client will not let you set these to null.  However you can set these to null on the Settings page as your default:




In this scenario you can attempt to send a package with a null message and body.  Because required information is missing the Send button will not go green.




We recommend that you have a default message and body so you never see this and can quickly send packages without having to type something in.


SOLUTION 3: Recreate User's Windows Profile

This can (in rare cases) also be caused by a permissions problem with the user's Windows Profile.  This should only be tackled by a Deskside Support engineer.

Before embarking on this fix it's recommend to test that this is the cause.  Ask the user to login to another machine and check they can use StudioCDN.  Ask a different user to login to the problem machine and check they can use StudioCDN.  If so, this means the users profile on the problem machine is corrupted.

The solution is to re-create the profile which resolves the issue.  Please follow these steps to copy over bookmarks and other valuable user data from the users corrupt profile to their new one.



Restart the user's computer. This releases any locks Windows may have on the profile folders



Log onto the computer with an account with Local Administrative privileges (e.g. a .AD account)



Move C:\Users\%username% to a safe location (where %username% is the account with the corrupt profile)



Delete the profile registry key (that you see with the corrupt profile name) from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT \CurrentVersion\ProfileList





You can confirm you are choosing the right registry key by checking the value "ProfileImagePath" to make sure you pick the right profile



Restart the PC and log in with the "broken" user to make Windows create a new profile.



Restore any documents, favourites, desktop files, bookmarks etc from the original broken profile folder you moved in the third step.


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